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Galleries of Musicians and Performances 2023

Transclyde Music produces street promo posters for all our gigs and does photography for this website and our social media; as well as providing folders of digital photos as a freebie to all performers, to add to their own online portfolios and promotions.

Here are samples of some of the best images - more or less in order of performer appearance:


(- Click on any image for a larger view & sequence -)


Support Acts 2023

Anabrese / Blind Jeremy - April & July 2023

Graham Mckirdy / Lewis Toms - August & September 2023

Main Acts Early to Mid Summer 2023

Gus Munro / Raintown / Jonny Boyle - March, April & July 2023


Gus Munro - Gus Munro Facebook

Raintown - Raintown Facebook - Raintown Website

Jonny Boyle - Jonny Boyle Facebook

Main Acts Late Summer 2023

Fraser John Lindsay's BLUES INCENTIVE - August 2023
Mike Ross - September 2023